• Policies

    Absence Policy

    Tuition is paid to reserve a guaranteed space and teacher for a

    specific time each week and therefore each month’s tuition must be paid regardless of the attendance of the student.

    * Learning to play a musical instrument requires dedication and persistence. Students are expected to attend their weekly scheduled lesson, as that time slot is reserved exclusively for the student. In the event that a student cannot attend their scheduled lesson, and has notified the studio 24 hrs in advance- the student can sign up to attend our monthly group make-up lesson.


    Monthly Group Make-Up Lessons occur on the last Saturday of each month from 10:00-11:00am. Sign-up sheet is at the front desk. This is a great opportunity to get to play with other students and work on fundamental issues of playing with others that cannot be covered in private lessons.


    Teacher Absence

    If your teacher is unable to teach a lesson either a qualified

    Substitute will be provided, you will be rescheduled by the teacher, or a credit will be issued.


    Holiday Schedule/Inclement Weather Policy

    Preston Palmer Studios Music School follows the Conway Public School Holiday Schedule. If they close, or let out early for bad weather-we do the same!


    The School Calendar can be found at www.conwayschools.org/calendar.html



    Occasionally we post videos & photos of student performances online for you to share with friends and family. Signing our policy form at your registrationvvv will serve as a photo/video release form. Please contact us if you would like a photo or video removed.


    Studio Conduct

    Playing music is an exciting and engaging activity. Students will have the opportunity to interact with many other musicians. Everyone, from teacher to student to parent to friends, is expected to show common courtesy and respect to others at all times. Parent is responsible for any damage caused to furniture or equipment.

    Parents - While we do encourage learning music at an early age, if siblings are brought to the lesson, please ensure they do not disturb the lesson or play with any of the other student instruments (drums, guitars, keyboards, etc). If student is under 10 years old, we ask that the parent stay on the premises for the duration of the lesson time.


    Preston Palmer Studios has a Zero Tolerance policy for Profanity and use of Alcohol and/or Drugs. Any student exhibiting inappropriate behavior or under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be dismissed.



    If you have questions or need to cancel a lesson, please email us at

    info@prestonpalmerstudios.com, or call 501-513-9459. We are constantly adding content to our Facebook (facebook.com/prestonpalmerstudios), Twitter (PPSconway), and Instagram page (@PPSconway). Please follow us on these sites to insure that you are up to date on all the cool things we are doing!

  • Tuition

100 dollars a month for private instruction. This covers 4 lessons per month; the occasional 5th lesson in a month is free and will serve as a make up lesson if needed. Visit our ROCK CLINIC and HOME SCHOOL pages for tuition on those programs. Payment
Tuition is paid at the first lesson of the month via Auto-Draft. You simply need to provide a credit/debit card to get started. If auto-draft is not possible, 2 month’s advanced payment is required to secure the lessons. Lessons are given on a month-to-month basis and may be canceled at any time. No refunds are given on lessons. If ever you wish to change teachers, simply let the Preston Palmer Studios Staff know and we will happily accommodate you. In the event that you wish to stop taking lessons, an exit form must be filled out. These are provided at the front desk.
Monthly auto-draft payments will continue to be collected until form is received.

    PRIVATE LESSONS- $100 per Month

    Additional Family Members- $80 per Month

    Rock Clinic- $75 PER MONTH

    For Private Lesson Students - $60 PER MONTH


  • Lessons

    Lessons are a one-on-one private instruction with very talented teachers. You can see their profiles and resumes HERE.

    We believe in a solid foundation for every new student, whether you are a beginner or advanced.


    We also believe in making learning an instrument fun! We gear the lessons toward you and mold our instruction so that you are learning what you want to learn.


    Each lesson lasts for 30 minutes a day, once every week on the scheduled time slot that the student holds.






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